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Announced pregnancy and gender

Quick update...ha my level 2 on Friday. Everything is looking exactly as it should=) I'm so happy and have such a good feeling about this one=) Also, I've got awesome instincts...now I'm 3 for 3....we're having a girl=)

I feel great these past couple of days. I finally have my energy back and am not sick. Here's a belly pic at 20 weeks:

Gonna watch Once Upon a Time...good night=)

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Jan. 15th, 2013 12:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! We are excited too! And it means a lot. We really need all the positive thoughts sent our way=)

How are you doing? I meant to comment on a post of your changes for the new year. You sound so confident and positive in that post! I love reading your posts like that. You're a wonderful person going through a lot of shitty stuff with even more obstacles in the way! I hope this is your year!
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